How to Win on Online Slots More Consistently

The casino’s online slot machine is a game which is so easy to play that it is the number one option for many gamblers online to make quick money from. But how do you go about improving your chances of winning online? Here we inform you of some of the facts to better your judgement and decision making.

Online Slot Games and What They Are

As you will find with all of the top online casinos open to players in South Africa, which are located here. the slot machine is the most dominating feature of any game that is lined up to play. The slot is a reel-based game that is fast and fun. The game themes transcend across the whole genre spectrum. You can play games based on cute farm animals and then switch to horrifying zombie games. You have different styles of play with your classic 3-reel retro slots and 3D animated machines at the other end of the scale.

The process of winning is down to aligning matching symbols on any given payline. This could be two, three, four, five or more symbols that meet the payline pattern, of which could range from 1 payline to over 5000. The other way of winning is by landing bonus features that will further increase the ways to win real money from the game.

Facts Behind the Slot Machine

If you click here, you can immediately find these top online casinos. Up to 1000 slot games can be found and each one different. There is only one key factor that makes all these games the same and this is how they are built under there many different looks and styles. The programming of a slot is based on specific algorithms that will determine when the casino will and will not payout. There are two algorithms: one percentage-based called the RTP and one which is based on randomness called the RNG.

The slot’s own algorithm is also linked to the casino’s own management tool which stores and analyses your gaming data. This records what you play, have played, won, lost and what you averagely wager. This info linked with the game somewhat determines if you are going to win or lose before you even play.

How to Improve Your Slot Success

Because every online casino is a business, by knowing how the business works, it will allow you to find ways of gaining the upper hand for a more successful return of monies. Because the systems are aligned to gauge your outcome before you play, then the most likely chance to have success is to have no data. This is called the Beginners Luck Theory.

Even new players seem to win something. This is far from luck, this is evidence that with no algorithm data and records of how you play, the machines are unable to determine when you win or lose. Your odds of winning over R800 in your first 100 spins are 65% higher than if you were a player registered to the site for a year and trying your luck on the same machine with the same number of spins.

How do you clear the data? Well, there are two ways around this and improving your odds of winning on the slot machines.

  1. Play newly released online slots soon as you register. Once you win either from a bonus round or a ‘big win’, move onto the next game. Repeat and stop playing once your profit margin drops to 50%. Then join an entirely new casino and repeat the same process.

  2. The online casinos do clear cached data once a month. You can reside in the casino you first joined but you will have to cease playing for 29 of the 30 days or 30 of the 31 days in the month. The casinos clean their systems to comply with regulations at clear out gaming faults. You can see this because the default of payment you last used on the game will have reverted back to its original setting.

You can see and test all this yourself by heading through to the added links above.